Small Class Sizes
25+ Years Experience
25,000+ Graduates

4 powerful reasons for choosing Winsor’s

Life-Time Job Placement

Companies line up to hire our students. And we ensure that you have a trucking job every time you need it for the rest of your life.

1:1 Truck-Student Ratio

That’s right! There is one truck per student in our training sessions. This allows instructors to teach effectively and students to learn quickly.

360º Training

Expert instructors with years of commercial trucking experience teach you to work with a variety of equipment and drive new & old truck models.

Simulator Training

State of the Art Simulator to teach all our Students to drive in every real world scenario.

Get Trained By The Best in Business

Since 1995, Winsor’s has been training and launching careers in the commercial truck driver job market. For over 27 years, Winsor’s has cemented its position as one of the best driving schools in New Jersey.

One of our founders is a seasoned commercial driver with 42 years of transportation experience behind him. He understands what the industry is looking for and has combined his experience and expertise to design training programs that produce drivers to fulfill that need.

Our unique pedagogy, individual attention, and rich experience are why companies line up to hire drivers that graduate from here.

In nearly 3 decades of being in business, we have kickstarted well over 25,000 careers.

Yours can be next!

Let’s Do it!

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Our Courses


All of our courses include classroom and Hands On Yard/Road Training to help you pass your tests at MVC. We can assist you in passing the written exam with our in-person or at home online training and we can assist you in passing your road test with our hands-on yard/road training.

Veterans Assistance – We can help our great veterans get CDL through various funded programs.

Why choose us?

There’s More Than One Reason to Choose Us

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Expert Trainers

At our driving school, you will be mentored by veteran truckers who have driven some of the roughest terrains in the country. They understand the industry inside out and they will be your guiding light who will show you the way to a successful career.

Build Your Confidence

With a healthy ratio of one truck per student, you don’t just learn what to do but also what not to do, as your mistakes will be corrected with individualized attention. By training you with new and old truck models and a variety of equipment, we carve a more confident trucker out of you.

Better ROI than a Bachelor’s Degree!

Our programs are custom-designed to help students get a handle on the technique, develop the right mindset for a trucking career, create a professional network, and find top trucking jobs. The program offers outstanding value for the money you invest in it. Starting salaries are higher that average person coming out of college with a Bachelor’s Degree

Guaranteed Job Placement

When you come out of the driving course, you will have a job waiting for you. Over the years, we have created a network of companies that hire our students in a heartbeat. And we are here not just for your first placement but also for your future placements as a trucker.


Ready to Change Gears to a Recession-Proof / Pandemic Proof Career?

No matter how the economy is or what global pandemic is going on CDL Drivers will always be in HIGH DEMAND !

Businesses will always need truckers to move their freight across the Country.
Leave it to us to make you a fine Commercial Driver that companies line up to hire.

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